The Freedom of Fire
The Freedom of Fire
1501 Main Street Suite 106
Venice, CA 90291
Glowing with Yin
Yin style of yoga allows you to slow down your physical body to work on balancing your internal systems. By holding each yin posture for several minutes, the parasympathetic nervous system activates – for resting and digesting. In turn, the quality and movement of vital life energy that flows within you, improves. This refines your ability to stay in a centered and clear state.
Massaging the Meridians
Hands-on healing deepens your experience of the postures and enriches feelings of connectedness. Touch inspires you to observe and experience asanas in a different, expanded way, and allows for deeper relief of physical tension, mental aches, and energetic blockages. A sense of renewed energy and vitality arises, and with continued sessions, is sustained.
Slowing Down in Serenity
An atmosphere embodying effortlessness and ease facilitates a unique experience for you to relax and release into stillness. 
This space of pure bliss and quietude supports your body and mind in resting, recharging, and rejuvenating. With a revitalized state of being, you enjoy all of the time and energy that you need to thrive in your daily life.
Description of the Experience
The Freedom of Fire is an experience of inward exploration and full inner body nourishment 
through the practice of yin yoga and the receiving of hands-on healing
This edition of the Yin Spa Journey works with the flow of qi in your Heart and Small Intestine meridians
the energetic channels that align with the summer season and the Fire element in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Discover the depths of your inner world and voyage in the vastness of the universe that resides within you with a curated sequence that enlivens joy and invites you to wholeheartedly embrace compassion and unconditional love  
building harmony in your body, mind, and spirit.

This experience is designed for those who seek to complement fast-paced daily living and this activity-filled season with an opportunity to slow down –
A perfect gift and night in for yourself and your loved ones.

About the Facilitator

Sara shares the practices of cultivating pure energy through movement, meditation, mindfulness, massage. She earned her 200-hour certification in yoga teaching through the True Nature Wellness program in Santa Monica, California in early 2015. From co-founding a student organization at UCLA centered around conscious living to leading yoga classes in a corporate office and publicly in the Los Angeles area, she enjoys helping beings develop inner power and peace for thriving in their daily lives.